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Pencil Prowess

Angela Costigan, author NOT illustrator

A drawing by my 'under 4'

and a drawing by me...

Before I introduce you to some wondrously talented people, I have a story to tell (bear with me, this is what I do).


You see, I've always loved to write - but I've never been able to draw.


I still draw houses the way I did when I was in Grade One.

You know the type - square at the bottom, triangle at the top, obligatory chimney, a door and two windows (sometimes with curtains if I'm feeling particularly creative). 


For reasons I have never been able to explain (or replicate) - for one glorious week when I was fifteen - I.could.draw. 

Now, let's not fool ourselves.   I was never going to be an Anna Walker or Freya Blackwood, but for that one week, I was consumed with sheer pencil prowess.  I sketched and scribbled like a mad woman; desperate to produce as much material as I could before the pencil fairy pulled her wand from my hand.

And soon enough, she did.   As quickly as she flew into my life, she flew out - taking her pencil wand with her. 

But I've never thrown out those drawings.   

Angela Costigan

Look!  Pongo in the flesh.   His expression mirrors mine every time I take those drawings out.

The below folk however, now they walk around with an expression like Pongo's all the time.    They have their own magic wands and coloured pencils and all sorts of other impressive 'draweee' type implements I know nothing about.


I am in awe of their talent, I'm sure you will be too....

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