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All You Can Be. Angela Casabene

All You Can Be

9781922863287 Hardback

26 Dec 2023

AUD RRP: $19.99

Publisher: Affirm Press

Illustrator: Michelle Conn

When the sun sits up high

In the blue summer sky

And you long to dive into the sea,

But you're fixed to the pier

And you're held there by fear …

Be brave. Be all you can be.


This is a love letter to children everywhere encouraging them to embrace their true selves and to live their big, messy, beautiful lives to the full.


Be kind. Be strong. Be curious. Be wrong ...

Be all you can be. 

Michelle Conn. All You Can Be illustrator

Michelle Conn

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A Dream for Every Night

A Dream for Every Night, Angela Casabene

9781922863348 Hardback

26 Mar 2024

AUD RRP: $35.00

Publisher: Affirm Press

Illustrator: Camille Manley

Tonight, I ask you, my darling one, what do YOU want to dream about?

Take a deep breath in … and out … and make your choice.

You could dream of ...

flying through the sky at night,

running with a paper kite,

finding friends and secret doors,

picking shells along the shore,

reading books and wearing jewels,

splashing in a swimming pool ...

and so much more!

Open this treasure trove of stories and find a dream for bedtime tonight.


Featuring more than 160 short stories and a dream glossary, this unique bedtime treasury gently takes readers by the hand and begins their journey into dreamland.

Camille Manley. A Dream for Every Night Illustrator

Camille Manley

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2025 and beyond...

Baby and Me Sit Quietly

Picture Book

Publisher: Affirm Press

Release:  Early 2025

Illustrator: A marvellous human who I'm very excited about

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