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  • Angela Costigan

Lost and Found

So we've already established that I'm pretty apt at getting myself lost within the walls of a bookstore. But guess what?

Today I FOUND something. Something deliciously, marvellously wonderful.

I found THIS...


Oh goodness...and THIS....

I had the wonderful good fortune of spending a couple of hours wandering around the grounds of Melbourne University in Parkville this evening and my soul is all the better for it.

I have always been drawn to historic buildings. My first 'real' job saw me perched high in my office within the servants quarters of Como Historic House in South Yarra.

I mean, I worked here...servants quarters or not, you can see why I loved the place.

Before I was granted this esteemed post, I started as a volunteer, and I remember spending many glorious winter days huddled next to an old oil heater in the gatehouse, greeting visitors and commencing tours.

Part of my role, once I became full time, was to 'unlock' and 'lock up' the property. My favourite times of day. I would grab the enormous set of old keys and strategically, as if following a map to a treasure, I would 'wake' Como up or put her 'to bed' depending on the time of day. It was such a privilege.

After a few months, I was transferred to a property that I had never been to, but had heard much about. I remember my boss at the time saying 'you are gonna love this place'. I had of course seen pictures, but nothing could have prepared me for the wondrously familiar feeling that washed over me the first time I stepped through the stained glass doors. It was like coming home. Home to a place I had never been, but that I instantly connected with.

Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick.

And so began my love affair with historic buildings. Although, it was a love that was always there, smouldering away under the surface my entire life. Like bookstores and libraries, I need to visit these places regularly to literally 're-charge' my soul.

And so I happened across Melbourne Uni this evening for a spot of 'soul restoration' and it did the trick. I was so taken with my new lover that I had to reach out for just one touch...

I wasn't disappointed. Smooth, strong and with a story to tell. Just how I like them.


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