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  • Angela Costigan

Walking in a Writer's Wonderland...

It happened again today. I got lost. It's not that I didn't know where I was - oh no, I knew preciously where I was. It's that I got lost IN TIME - again.

You know where I was don't you? There's only one place it could be for a bookish type person like me...

A bookstore.

Oh but not just any bookstore dear ladies and gents - my FAVOURITE bookstore.

Robinson's Bookshop in Frankston. And if you believe what they say (and I strongly suggest you do), my favourite bookstore just so happens to be the oldest general independent bookshop in Victoria. It's true! And it sits right there, slightly humble, but still proud as punch amongst the eclectic vibe that is Frankston.

I wandered in - no, I MARCHED in. I was determined. I had a list. A Christmas shopping list nonetheless. A list that demanded I work to a strict schedule and tight time restraints.

I repeated my mantra as I approached...'I'm just going to buy ONE book and move on immediately, I have lots to do, I must not stay, I must not stay....'

But they had all these lovely Christmas type books for kids right in the middle of the store. TWO whole displays full of sparkly stories and glittering gifts. So that needed attention.

Then there's the usual children's section up the back (where my books will be housed one day). That needed attention too.

The New Release section, Classic Literature, all the usual culprits grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let me go. Hell, even the sports section had me in a headlock...'linger here long enough and you might just find a book for husband that he'll actually finish...'.

Oh, I'm sorry, what's that you say? I see. You're stuck on something I said a few paragraphs back. I understand. I was wondering if you'd mention it.

Let me explain.

When I said I only meant to buy ONE book, clearly I was delusional. Hopeful, but delusional nonetheless.

But I had good cause to believe I would only buy one. I had already purchased far too many (is that possible?) books for my children, my nephews/nieces, friends, friend's children, various charities, the kids that wait for the bus down the road, children that haven't been born yet, children that are no longer children, several dogs and cats who are partial to get my drift.

So one it was. One MORE.

But it wasn't ONE more was it? No. Not far off though.

So after a lengthy but glorious sojourn through the aisles in this writer's wonderland, I emerged, squinting in the sudden sunlight - triumphant!

With THREE more books in hand...


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