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  • Angela Costigan

Books I Adore - Intro

I've decided I'm going to write a bit of a 'blog series' focused on 'Books I Adore'. It will have a 'This is Your Life' type of feel, but instead of featuring people that have journeyed with me, I'm featuring books.

There are so many books I adore and there are so many reasons why I adore them.

There are books that remind me of my childhood, books that I kept and have cherished from my childhood, books that I stumble across and had completely forgotten were part of my childhood.

There are the countless novels I read in my twenties and the books I ordered through cereal box coupons whilst living in the UK - glorious FREE books that were like food for my soul during those dreary London years.

There are books that when I look at them, transport me instantly back to the heady, sleepless days of when my children were just wee ones.

There are the books that as an aspiring children's author, I believe are penned by true gods of our time.

Julia Donaldson, I would happily scrub her floors if it meant she'd let me crawl into her studio for five minutes. Aaron Blabey is a comical genius (AND he can draw - ye gods) and then there are the legends Alison Lester and Mem Fox, amongst countless others.

I could go on. You know I could. But I won't. Let's all just bask in the greatness of these gods for while and hope some of their wondrous magic rubs off on us earthlings.

To be continued...


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