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Books I Adore - A Brief Intermission

Phew, it has been a long time between drinks ladies and gents. A looonnnggg time.

For a moment there, you were no doubt wondering whether this young lass knew the definition of 'series', given that I had produced but ONE blog post in the 'Books I Adore' series.

Perhaps, you thought, I should rename the blog to 'Book I Adore'. But I wouldn't do that now would I? That would be bad speak. And I walk around claiming to be a 'writing type' person now. I even sent away for new business cards yesterday. NEW. Implying that there were once OLD business cards...see I've been in this game awhile now, haven't I?

There were always going to be more books featured in this journey of ours, but as fate would have it friends, I have been distracted from my blog series because I have been writing -


Like as in a book. And then another one. And then...well let's not go bending the truth too far or it might just break. But yes, my nimble thumbkins, tall mans and pinkies have been tapping away of late, churning out all sorts of whimsical wonders for the dear tweens of our society. So that they might huddle indoors with a cup of tea and a book, rather than roam the streets getting up to mischief. Like my main character does.

The series was inspired by this place...

I don't own it yet but one day I will.


Plan to one day own Heritage Listed Victorian Mansion

  1. Finish series

  2. Find publisher

  3. Release series

  4. Sell several million copies

  5. Knock on door

  6. Hand over large briefcase of cash

  7. Laugh gaily with old owner as we joke about the number of times I sat across the road in my car staring at their (MY) house.

  8. Move in husband, children, ecstatic dog and unimpressed cat.

  9. Hold 'Book Signing Sundays' from the sitting room every week.

It's all mapped out. Still working on item number one, but you can see I have a plan.

I've also started a course. A wonderful, marvellous, writerly type course. With other people that write. And guess where said course is held each week? IN A PUBLISHING HOUSE. Yup. I am but a stumble away from my manuscript flying out of my hand and softly landing upon the desk of an editor (see item 2).

'Bathrooms to the right, editor desks to the left...yes, I'll be fine, I won't get lost....'

So dear ones, as you can see, I have been a busy bee of late. BUT. I have the second book in mind for our 'Books I Adore' blog series and I fully intend to share this wonder with you any day now.

But first to find the perfect briefcase (see item 6)....

Me (reenacted by much more attractive model) on my way to do some door knocking (see item 5)


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