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Horror Stories

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Oh goodness.

Seven months. SEVEN.

That's how long it's been since my last blog post **insert emoji with yellow faced girl slapping hand to her forehead**

There's been plenty of drafts though. There's one titled 'Beauty' - it's just lovely, believe me. Unfinished. No pictures. But lovely.

Then there's another without a title, but it has several sentences. One of them contains a sweet little anecdote about how much I love 'Escape to the Country.' Good times.

Hmm, not bad, but what's the kitchen-diner like?

It's been so long since I logged into my website that my computer asked me if I was sure the website was safe. Then I saw my 'HOME' page and was reminded why I haven't visited the site for so long. I hate my website! Go back and look at that Home page. Remind you of anything?? I used the same freakin colours as Facebook! I only just realised this.

Zuckerberg, please don't sue me

So now I have to change the whole colour scheme.

Now. For those of you that have your own websites, you'll know the pain I'm talking about. Ya'll hear me sistas? Hm-Hmmmmm.

To change the colour scheme, I have to change the main photo. Oh god. The agony.

AND while I'm at it, I really need to update all the content. AGHHH!! Hey, at least I haven't won any awards lately, so that page can remain unchanged! Winning!

This morning I heard about a writing competition, where you have to submit a scary story for 8-12 year olds. I considered it for ten seconds, after which I remembered all the other actual books I'm supposed to be writing. But the main reason I chucked the idea is because I couldn't come up with any 'scary' IDEAS! But now I have one -

'Woman bordering on middle age is forced to update the content, colour scheme and photographic content of her website...'


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