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  • Angela Costigan

I Hate Blogging

I hate blogging.

I hate reading blogs. I hate writing blogs. I hate writing blogs for people who hate reading blogs.

I hate having to think of witty anecdotes to write. I hate how I then have to string said anecdotes together into some sort of mildly amusing monologue.

I hate having to source images. I hate how I then have to 'caption' them and 'alt text' them when I'm not even sure what the point of that is.

I hate how I'm 'forced' to write blogs so that the Google SEO/SLO/SELO/HUH? acknowledges my website is 'active' and therefore graciously keeps me at the top of the search engine whenever someone types 'Angela Costigan' into Google. Because I'm sure this happens SO regularly.

Actually, I just did it. And my website IS at the top (Winning!). Which is an improvement on a few months ago when a funeral listing (um...for someone else...obviously) was the top result.

I hate the spine crushing pressure from the Publisher and Editor gods of the Children's Book Publishing world who miraculously one day might read one of these blogs and decide the fate of my 'children's-book-author-dream' based on how engaging/amusing/appropriate/magical/mystical/grammatically correct/politically correct/unicorn correct my blogs are.

Anyway, it appears that during the course of this rant, I somehow managed to write a blog. So there Google. Happy? Promise to still keep me a the top?

No? You want an image? AND 'alt text'? Oh very well....

For the Love of Blogging


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